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Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PMC's)

ASM Services provide PMC's on a range of Thermal Analysis instrumentation and accessories. All contracts are inclusive of the following:

  1. All key components are cleaned, aligned and adjusted where necessary before commencing instrument calibration.

  2. Flowmeters calibrated using calibrated digital flowmeter.

  3. Full Instrument calibration performed using traceable standards.

  4. All cooling systems/accessories are included in service.

  5. Full maintenance checklist report provided with all calibration and verification results included. 

  6. Training provided to operators whilst onsite for key maintenance operations (furnace cleaning, cell cleaning, lid alignment, instrument calibration for example).

Benefits of Having a PMC from ASM Services

  1. No call out charge. Only travel and subsistence (hotel if necessary) costs are added. There is no charge for travel time to/from your location (UK or international).

  2. Typically onsite for 1-2 days so time available for training.

  3. Full report provided 1-2 days after visit summarising all aspects of work carried out with all calibration and verification results included. Certification also provided.

  4. Any potentially serious issues are identified allowing planning for repairs in advance to minimise/prevent downtime of instrument.

Other Servicies Available (prices on request)

  1. Moving/re-installation service available. This includes full pack-up service, movement of instrumentation and re-installation at new location.

  2. Fault diagnosis and repair of instrumentation/accessories.

  3. Setting up on a new software platform (upgrading to a new windows operating system for example).

Instruments Covered

Q600 SDT Image.jpg

Simultaneous TGA-DSC

Price: £695

Onsite: 2 Days

Q400 TMA.jpg


Price: £480

Onsite: 1 Day

Instruments Covered

Q2000 DSC Images.png


Price: £480- £695

Onsite: 1-2 Days

Q500 TGA Image.png


Price: £480

Onsite: 1 Day

Q800 DMA Image.jpg


Price: £480

Onsite: 1 Day

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