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About ASM Services

Established in 2013, ASM Services set out to provide Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PMC's) for users of thermal analysis instrumentation (DSC, TGA, DMA, TMA) in academia and industry.  ASM services has recently expanded to include training, repairs, installations (equipment relocation) and a materials contract testing service. The techniques available for contract testing include DSC, TGA. DMA, Rheology, spectroscopy, contact angle analysis, mechanical testing & microscopy (SEM & optical). Contract testing is carried out through partnering with recognised centres of excellence in these areas of measurement.

ASM Services have provided PMC's, training and installation/repair services for a range of UK and international establishments including GKN Technology, Universities of Oxford, Reading, Brunel, Beijing & Strathclyde, Nexham Chemicals,  Evotec & Bolt Threads.  Contract analysis has been performed for customers including Evotec, Leonardo, University of Oxford and OPTAS.

Our Approach

The founder of ASM Services, Nick Hawkins, has worked in the field of Thermal Analysis and Rheology for over 30 years. He fully understands the importance of using well serviced and calibrated instruments and has developed protocols that guarantee optimum performance for customers. In order to generate reliable data for publication, quality control and research, regular maintenance servicing is essential. With a strong background in applications support and service/maintenance, we provide a unique service to customers, offering a one-stop solution for maintenance, training and support. Pricing is very competitive and details are provided on this site. 

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Theory & Hands On
Preventative Maintenance Contracts (PMC's)
Contract Testing Services
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